Report Release: Young and Restless: Harnessing the Economic Resilience of Displaced Youth in Nairobi

The Women's Refugee Commission is pleased to share our latest report on urban refugee youth, Young and Restless: Harnessing the Economic Resilience of Displaced Youth in Nairobi. This is the second in a series assessing access to education and employment among displaced young people in urban areas. The first report covered Panama, and the final will cover Cairo (due October 2012). The project will culminate with the publication of global guidance on how to create educational and employment opportunities for urban refugee youth (also due in October).

In spite of the high number of NGOs in Nairobi, only a few hundred refugee youth are currently reached by any programs.  As such, refugee young women and young men are unable to further develop their skills, they languish in the informal market with few opportunities to advance, and face myriad daily protection risks.  The Nairobi urban refugee context calls for a more comprehensive and longer-term approach to livelihoods support for young women and men that focuses on access to education, training and startup capital, as well as protection from violence and police abuse.  Specific recommendations for the various stakeholders are listed in the report.

Women's Refugee Commission