CHALLENGE: CEB, February 2016

This challenge is open to undergraduates (freshman through junior year) currently enrolled at an accredited college or university in the US.

CEB is a publicly traded, multi-national firm that delivers products and services that help drive the corporate performance of more than 10,000 companies around the world. We deliver groundbreaking research and best practices to 90% of the Fortune 500, thereby equipping leading executives with insight and proven solutions across corporate functions, including: Finance, Government, IT, Marketing, Legal, and Human Resources.

As we consistently discover and publish innovative research, we know how important it is to use presentations, and employ knowledgeable staff and advisors to help our clients absorb and implement new ideas and processes.

Please see the "FUTURE OPPORTUNITY" section at the bottom of the page for more info on the $5,000 prize. It will not be immediately awarded at the close of the challenge.

$5000 x 1 winners
$150x 5 honors
days left


Imagine you are a new research analyst on the CEB team tasked with presenting our latest IT research to the Chief Information Officer of a Fortune 500 company. You have 20 minutes to get the CIO to understand and want to implement ONE of the best practices from our research.

Create a compelling presentation that conveys the most essential, single principle from our research on speeding up product development (you can also download the report from the bottom of this page). You can decide on the principle that is most compelling (there is no one “right” answer). Please submit your final presentation in PDF format.

1) Create a video to take us through your presentation, including audio voice over. 
2) Take your presentation to the next level by doing supplemental research and adding relevant business examples that illustrate these best practices.

Top submissions will propose a compelling hypothesis, clearly communicate the value of the research, and use research and examples to support the argument.

Top five winners of this challenge will win an instant $150 and be invited to the Washington, DC area on Friday, April 1, 2016 to compete in CEB’s Insight Case Competition. (Travel expenses will be paid by CEB.) Winners will form a team of three students from their school, and vie for a $5,000 team prize and $3,000 scholarship donation to their university. More information will be sent to winners following this challenge.

(In addition to the grand prize offering and the 5x$150 winners, five runners-up will receive $50)



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