Open Call for Ideas: Global Education Summit

The USAID Education Office will present the 2015 Global Education Summit November 2nd 3rd and 4th. The Summit, entitled Toward a New Global Education Agenda: How the Past and Present Inform the Future, will focus on new and innovative approaches to education and training.
The Education Summit is organized around the three goals of the education strategy and is relying upon each of the three Goal’s communities of practice (CoP) to present the cutting edge ideas, methodologies, tools, best practices, etc. that are improving outcomes for youth; this includes Goal 2: Improved ability of tertiary and workforce development programs to produce workforce relevant skills to support country development goals by 2015. The Workforce Connections project has been asked by USAID to support the Goal 2 coordination and provide specific sessions at the Education Summit. The Goal 2 sessions will be organized around the three following themes:
Theme 1. Systems Thinking for Workforce Development
Theme 2. A Shift in Philosophy: Focusing on Employment Outcomes for Youth
Theme 3. It’s Not Just about Skills: Models for Private Sector Collaboration
We are looking for Goal 2 practitioners and others to present at the Education Summit. Submissions should include cutting edge methodologies, tools, projects, or contribute as expert speakers over this three-day event.
Specifically your submission should propose either:
  1. Inputs to an existing thematic session (such as an expert speaker, relevant tool, methodology, or best practice from project implementation).
  2. a newly created session that does not overlap with any existing thematic sessions (see table page 2 for thematic sessions).
Submission details: Submitted ideas should be less than one page in length and include the following components:
  1. Facilitator/Presenter’s Name
  2. Objective (of session or activity)
  3. Summary (of session or activity)
  4. Format (of session or activity)
  5. Accompanying handouts and materials (not exceeding 2 pages) are encouraged at the time of idea submission, but not required.

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