Youth Working Group

The Youth Working Group is open to any individual not older than 30 years, or any organization that is youth-led or has a mandate to work with youth. The Youth Working Group is facilitated by the UN Major Group for Children and Youth (UN MGCY). This Major Group is the official space for children and young people to contribute to certain intergovernmental and policy processes at the United Nations. The UN MGCY is self-organized, youth-led and volunteer based, implementing democratic structures.

What does the Youth Working Group do?

The UN MGCY WHS Working Group is the official channel to facilitate the participation of young people in the World Humanitarian Summit process. This includes, but is not limited to regional consultations, official inputs to reports, statements, interventions, global consultations, and the final summit itself.

The Working Group meets on a bi-weekly basis in an open online meeting for all members, where decisions about strategy and actions are taken together. It uses a very active mailing group to work together on consultations, capacity building, reports, and much more.

Who Can Join the UN MGCY and the WHS Working Group?

  •  Any individual young person, 30 years old or under, who signs up to the UN MGCY WHS Working Group
  •  Any organization, network, committee, group or other association of individuals that signs up to the UN MGCY WHS Working Group and that fulfills either of the following requirements:
  • Representative of the interests of children and/or youth, and has a policymaking body controlled by people 30 years old or under; or
  • Works with children and/or youth but doesn't have a policymaking body controlled by individuals 30 years old or under

So how can you join?

Joining is easy! Fill out our Registration Form and join the official Mailing List of the Youth Working Group:

How is the youth engagement organized?

Youth engagement is built around four components:

  •  Component 1: Mobilization, Outreach and Organization
  •  Component 2: Capacity Building
  •  Component 3: Consultations
  •  Component 4: Youth Policy and Advocacy

Any member of the Working Group can contribute to each component. 

Register here and sign up for the working group newsletter here

UN Major Group for Children and Youth (UN MGCY)