Millions Learning Global Call for Case Studies

In 41 countries around the world, one in three students who leave school after grade five or six still cannot read all or part of a sentence. Whether they live in Detroit or New Delhi, too often our children are failing to learn the very basics—even after spending years in school. And this is on top of the 58 million children who remain out of school. 

To address this crisis, we must reach millions of children with interventions that not only get them into school but ensure that, while there, they acquire knowledge and skills needed to lead healthy, safe and productive lives.  

This is why the Center for Universal Education at Brookings has launched a new project: Millions Learning. The project seeks to identify the main factors that have contributed to—and in some cases impeded—successful scaling in education. In particular, it will explore the role data, financing, partnership and technology play in expanding and improving education systems in low and middle-income countries.  

Read more about the project and our goal to better understand where and how improvements in learning have been achieved at scale:

As part of this process, we are issuing a global call for case studies to identify programs and policies that have contributed to large-scale progress in learning.  

We invite you to submit a case study and share your lessons with the project. For additional information on how to submit a case study and our

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