BLOG: When Women Social Entrepreneurs Collaborate, September 2016


On June 1st, the founders of ClickMedix and DC Greens combined forces and launched their big innovation — a mobile app and digital platform that allows low-income, Washington, DC residents to redeem vouchers prescribed by doctors for fruits and vegetables at local farmers’ markets. Both ladies would be the first to admit that these types of voucher programs exist in other cities. What they would say does not exist, however, is the kind of technological pairing that allows for cross-sector collaboration and data analysis — a key piece of the empowerment formula that many government, clinical and nonprofit agencies trying to transform health services are hungry for.

BLOG: 5 Lessons I Learned in My First Entrepreneurial Year, September 2016

Voices of Youth

I remember the first time I heard this word I hoped that being one is not as hard as pronouncing it. When we are little angels (kids), all we dream of is growing up to be distinguished doctors, creative engineers, innovative teachers or even inspiring artists. But how many of us ever aspired to be an entrepreneur? My guess is, not many. Perhaps the reason is that we, as Arabs and especially Syrians who are residing in the Arab shell, still lack role models of successful Syrian entrepreneurs. A lack of mentors and hardship in accessing information are other reasons to build a more solid brick in front of our high ambitions.

BLOG: Social Change Through Transformational Leadership, August 2016

The MasterCard Foundation

Today’s youth have a truly revolutionary outlook on the world of work. They are ‘transformational leaders‘ who have an unique view that is firmly entrenched in the belief that anyone can make meaningful change in society over time. Young men and women are becoming active social entrepreneurs or joining start-ups, as well as taking roles in businesses, government, and civil society organizations to help transform them from the inside out.

CONGRESS, Global Entrepreneurship Congress, March 13-16, 2017

Global Entrepreneurship Network
Mar 13, 2017 (10:30am) to Mar 16, 2017 (10:30am)

Every year, the Global Entrepreneurship Congress gathers together thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, policymakers and other startup champions from more than 160 countries to identify new ways of helping founders start and scale new ventures around the world. At the weeklong GEC, delegates make connections, gain insights, learn about new research, and leave ready to renew their programs, policy ideas or firm founder skills.

BLOG: Empowering the Youth in Sri Lanka and Increasing their Contribution to Economic Development, August 2016

United Nations Development Programme

As a growing economy, Sri Lanka needs to focus more on service sector involvement. Higher involvement in the service sector will enable the economy to improve in every factor, for example in employment opportunities, higher disposable income etc. For the growth of the Sri Lankan economy, the youth of the country needs to contribute to this higher involvement. This is currently not the case (NHDR 2014). Youth who are based in the North, North Central and Eastern Provinces, are contributing at a low level to economic development in the service sector. If policy developers can develop a solution to empower and enlighten the youth, their contribution would be higher.

BLOG: Sowing the Seeds of a Green Revolution, August 2016

United Nations Development Programme

Each year, more than 100,000 new jobseekers enter the already saturated job market. In Benin, 70 percent of people between 15 and 29 years old are underemployed, and this age group accounts for approximately 60 percent of the active population. In response UNDP and the Government of Benin have implemented two projects. Business Promotion Centres (BPCs) train and advise young entrepreneurs on starting their own businesses and participating in job-creating and income-generating activities, while the project to promote agricultural entrepreneurship introduces young people to organic farming, agri-food processing and the management of natural resources.

REPORT: Australia Youth Development Index Shines a Spotlight on Nation’s Young People, August 2016

The Commonwealth Youth Program

To mark International Youth Day 2016, on 12 August, the first-ever Australian National Youth Development Index report has been launched with support from the Commonwealth Secretariat. The index measures the situation for 6.3 million young people aged 10 to 29 in Australia, and examines changes between 2006 and 2015 across five domains: education, health and well-being, employment, civic participation and political participation.

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COMPETITION: Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) 2017, August 2016

Entrepreneurs’ Organisation Global Student Entrepreneur Awards

The Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) is the premier global competition for student entrepreneurs who actively run a business. EO GSEA is an exclusive opportunity for student entrepreneurs to make connections, find resources, and grow their businesses. The local chapters Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) will host live competitions at the local, regional or national level, which will serve as a qualifying event for GSEA Finals in Bangkok, Thailand. The live competition is reserved for undergraduate students (pursuing a bachelor's degree) only.

FELLOWSHIP: 2017 Future Founders Fellowship, August 2016

Future Founders

The 2017 Fellowship will take place from January – December 2017. As a Fellow, you’ll be a part of an exclusive community of up-and-coming innovators and changemakers representing diverse backgrounds, industries and schools from across the country.  Applicants should be a founding member who is a decision maker of a startup. Whether you are currently running a business or developing your idea, all startup stages are eligible. We are looking for the best of the best!

BLOG: Youth in Kuwait Advocate for Entrepreneurial Economic Growth, July 2016

IREX International

In its drive towards economic diversification and sustainable growth, Kuwait is focusing on the entrepreneurial spirit, business acumen, and trading heritage of its people to attract foreign investment. Yet getting innovative ideas off the ground remains difficult for many young entrepreneurs, as home businesses are illegal in the country. In an economy where the public sector remains the primary employer, Kuwaiti youth are constantly exploring new entrepreneurial avenues through home businesses. Home businesses “allow young people and their ideas entry into the market with low risks,” explains Nasser Al Sulaihim, a youth member of Legalize Kuwait.