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How Can We Achieve Scale with Quality, Affordable Life Skills Programming?


Content for the following blog came from learning events DAI, Walmart, and Making Cents International organized in November, 2012 to address questions surrounding how to achieve scale with quality, affordable life skills programming. Similar discussions have taken place at Making Cents' 2012 Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference and the 2012 WISE Conference in Doha.

What is youth-led programming? How can it enhance economic programs for youth?

Mercy Corps

USAID recently released a groundbreaking policy on Youth in Development. One of the primary themes focused on the importance of youth engagement, which includes incorporating perspectives and voices of young people in each element of program planning. Though the policy was the first of its kind, this thinking is not new to the youth space.

Getting Serious about Youth Participation in Development

RTI International

Giving youth real decision-making power and leadership roles in development processes and programs is a challenge in practice. We know from both our practice and research efforts that effective youth development needs to put meaningful youth participation at the forefront. RTI International’s experience in working with youth globally in education, employment, health, and governance for the past 30 years informs our strategy in viewing youth as key partners in solving global development challenges. With that in mind, we, along with other members of the Alliance for International Youth Development (AIYD), strongly support the new USAID Youth in Development Policy released in early November.

Saving for the Future: Youth Savings

Women's World Banking

Ana Laura lives in a low-income neighborhood in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. She opened her first “Mía” savings account at Banco ADOPEM in April 2011. She closely monitors the money she has in her account, keeping track of the number and size of deposits she makes.

Creating Future Opportunities for Youth by Understanding Their Needs Today

YouthSave Consortium

The latest insights from the YouthSave Consortium shed new light on this question and aim to highlight the importance of enabling youth to take ownership of their futures. The YouthSave Consortium – an initiative led by Save the Children in partnership with the Center for Social Development (CSD), New America Foundation, and CGAP, along with several research and financial institutions partners in the field – is working to test the viability and impacts of savings products on low-income youth in Colombia, Ghana, Kenya, and Nepal.

IREX Welcomes USAID’s New Policy for Youth in Development


Yesterday, USAID launched their first-ever policy for Youth in Development. The policy provides a framework to address youth systematically in line with proven best practices to support, protect, prepare, and engage youth to help them to achieve the best future for themselves and their communities and nations. The policy also provides guidance for integrating youth in core agency initiatives, bringing youth to the forefront of USAID’s work across all sectors.

New USAID Policy on Youth in Development


Welcome Call to Action: Working with Youth in Development

Plan International USA

As an active member of the Alliance for International Youth Development (AIYD), Plan International USA applauds USAID on the launch of the Youth in Development Policy! Along with many others in the development community, Plan has been anxiously awaiting the Policy’s launch. Plan’s work focuses on empowering children and youth in 50 developing countries, and this Policy offers an important reinforcement of the need to engage this population for lasting impact. We also congratulate Maame Yankah, a Youth Ambassador for Plan, for her participation in the Policy Launch Event, but more importantly for her many contributions to communities in Ghana and the US.

Lessons on Youth Leadership from Garissa, Kenya

Education Development Center

Many of us youth development practitioners have been eagerly anticipating the release of USAID’s youth policy with the hope that it will increase awareness of the importance of youth issues to development. I know from EDC’s work around the world how integral youth are to economic, social and political development.

USAID's Youth in Development Policy: A Timely Opportunity to Rethink Rural and Agricultural Programming

Making Cents International

We applaud USAID’s new Youth Policy for recognizing the central role that youth should play in development strategies.  Turning this policy into action at the mission and programmatic level is our next challenge.  USAID Feed the Future and rural development initiatives in particular should consider how youth can be better integrated into strategies and specific program design. 


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